Herb taylor


My name is

Herbert Taylor

My name is Herbert Taylor, Herb for short. I graduated from UW-Madison in the spring of 2008, the standard 6-year plan, with a degree in History. Laugh if you want but I had to pay my own way, so I worked a lot, had too much fun, and somehow finished. I worked at a liquor store on campus while in college and after graduating I purchased it with one of my coworkers. Our LLC now owns another store on the east side of Madison. That’s right, I own a couple of liquor stores.

I married my wife in July of 2011. We moved to Mcfarland the following year. Shortly thereafter, the first of our three children arrived. Having small town roots, Mcfarland was an easy choice. We enjoy much of what it and Dane County have to offer.

I enjoy reading, golf, the first sip of hot coffee in the morning, and spending time with my family. Honestly, if I could be a stay-at-home dad I would. My children are my life.