Herb taylor


When did everything become politics?

One of Dane counties biggest obstacles is the over politicization of everything, from Public health to Public safety, Quality of Roads to Affordable Housing. We must stop assigning political solutions to non political problems.  

I am Herb Taylor, Father of 3 Kids, a Small Business Owner, and I am asking for your VOTE ON APRIL 5th 2022

Data driven policies based on results, not intent.

We must be humble in our policy making and admit when our policies have failed and change course. Some of the worst intentions began with the best intentions.

Inflation & Property Taxes.

Inflation is real and its effects are felt heaviest by the poor and those on fixed incomes. To combat this, I will propose, as many other states do, a property tax exemption for retirees 65 and up in Dane County. I will propose a property tax exemption for the first $150,000 of their house's value for all folks 65 and up on fixed incomes. This tax equity is needed to maintain the standard of living elderly residents have earned with hard work.

Those who serve by definition are servants.

This key fact has been forgotten by so many of our leaders, including our Current Supervisor. As the elected supervisor, I will do my best to serve District 34 in whatever manner is needed and to help as many people as I can. I will even respond to emails, imagine that!